Rubber Custom Compounding

One of the things that makes Hygenic different from other rubber tubing manufacturers is our ability to custom compound and custom formulate to your unique requirements. 

We have over 75 years of experience developing and manufacturing various Elastomeric polymers for unique applications.  

We offer very clean compounds without the chance of cross contaimination because we have never used free carbon black in our facility.   

If you have a problem and need an Elastomeric material to help solve it, call the experts at Hygenic.   

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Custom Compounding

Related Products:

Rubber cord is tubing with a solid center and is available in two materials - natural rubber and synthetic rubber

Rubber Cord

Rubber cord is tubing with a solid center and is available in two materials - natural rubber and synthetic rubber

Hygenic can custom compound either of the base film formulations to meet your specific requirements


Film is available in two different materials - thermoplastic elastomer and natural rubber latex

Hygenic can extrude custom rubber profiles with natural and synthetic rubber compounds

Rubber Profiles

Hygenic can manufacture extruded custom profiles from almost any elastomeric compound we make.

Hygenic can custom compound any of the base sheeting formulations to meet your specific, unique requirements


Sheeting is available in three different materials - synthetic rubber, natural rubber latex and thermoplastic elastomer

Hygenic offers a variety of flexible tubing material options - standard and custom formulations are available


Tubing is available in four different base materials - Natural Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Natural Rubber Latex & Synthetic Rubber

Related Applications:

Hygenic Esmark Bandages

Esmark Bandage

Esmark bandages are often made from Hygenic's latex and non-latex rubber sheeting and film. Esmark bandages are used in bloodless surgery on limbs.

Hygenic Exercise and Fitness Applications

Exercise & Fitness

The unique physical properties of many of the tubing, sheeting and film products manufactured by Hygenic make them excellent for use as exercise bands and resistance bands.

Hygenic Laboratory Applications

Laboratory Materials

Natural rubber tubing with thick walls is especially well suited for use as vacuum tubing. Other more common sizes of rubber tubing also work well in general laboratory applications.

Hygenic Medical Application


Many of Hygenic’s medical grade non-latex rubber products are used as components in medical devices. We currently sell medical rubber products to virtually all major medical manufacturers.

Hygenic Military Application


Hygenic’s products are often used in military applications due to the unique characteristics of the products that we manufacture.

Hygenic Miscellaneous Applications


The only limitation to how you can use our products is your imagination! Our products are used in so many different and imaginative ways it would be impossible to capture them all here.

Hygenic Sports, Recreation and Fun Applications

Sports, Recreation & Toys

Hygenic's natural and synthetic rubber products are ideal for use in toys, sports, and fitness. Choose an existing product or create a custom rubber product for your recreation application.

Hygenic Welding Applications


Over 30 years ago, Hygenic developed a special formulation of natural rubber welding hoses for the MIG/TIG welding industry that is still used today.