Tube Braiding

The Hygenic Corporation can add a custom tube braid over the outside of our tubing or tubing that you supply to us up to about 1.25” OD (31.75mm OD). Tube braids add abrasion resistance but still allow the tubing to be flexible. 

We offer several types of braid material (nylon, rayon, Kevlar and other materials upon request) and can even provide unique braid material such as conductive braiding.  Tube braiding can be provided in numerous colors and patterns. 


Tube Braiding

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Hygenic offers a variety of flexible tubing material options - standard and custom formulations are available


Tubing is available in four different base materials - Natural Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Natural Rubber Latex & Synthetic Rubber

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Hygenic Dental Applications


The Hygenic Corporation has been manufacturing products for the dental market for over 70 years.

Hygenic Materials Transfer Application

Materials Transfer

Our varieties of tubing make excellent transfer hoses for use in research labs, the medical industry, dental settings and more.

Hygenic Medical Application


Many of Hygenic’s medical grade non-latex rubber products are used as components in medical devices. We currently sell medical rubber products to virtually all major medical manufacturers.

Hygenic Welding Applications


Over 30 years ago, Hygenic developed a special formulation of natural rubber welding hoses for the MIG/TIG welding industry that is still used today.